About Us

Through the efforts of our innovative Research and Development team, Boyd Coddington’s Detail Garage strives to be a leader in the automotive industry. Our car care products are known for meeting the highest quality standards and delivering outstanding performance and we’ve got the awards from independent institutions to prove it.

We love cars and we love the car enthusiasts we have the pleasure of serving. We’re proud of the Boyd Coddington car care products that we make, and we hope that you’ll give them a try to see their superior performance for yourself.

History of Boyd Coddington Detail Garage

Boyd Coddington Detail Garage is owned and operated by Boyd Coddington Jr, son and namesake of the famous hot rod designer and star of the TV show American Hot Rod on TLC.

Boyd Coddington Jr. had grown up in his father’s wheel factories learning every facet of wheel production using the time-tested method of the day…The “hands on/bruised knuckle” method. 

In 2015 Boyd Jr. founded Boyd Coddington Detail Garage, a continuation of professional car care products that Boyd Jr launched in 1995 called Boyd’s Ultra Violet. Boyd Jr’s. goal was to develop a high-end car care products working from the same product base developed and used on all of the Boyd Coddington Built hot rods and project vehicles. At the same time, working together with the country’s top professional detailers and automotive painters.

Now the same award winning products that were developed to detail, clean and protect the most influential hot rods and concept cars ever built are now available for your car. Envision being able to use products that are formulated for the same cars that won the title for America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Award and The Ridler Award.