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Boyd Coddington Window And Glass Cleaner Gives You Streak Free Clarity In HI-DEF 

 Do you actually need a car window cleaner for your car? Here’s why keeping your windows clean is a good idea.

There’s an extremely high chance that you own and enjoy a high definition television in your home. A nice, crisp display with a vast array of colors and a crystal clear picture ensure that you actually enjoy what you’re watching to the fullest. Well, it works the same way with your car windows, doesn’t it? Car window cleaner might not be at the top of your list of things to shop for when you’re looking to make the best of your ride, but here are some good reasons why it should be.

Why Do You Need a Good Car Window Cleaner?

As nice as a high definition TV is, it’s still just that—a television. Your ride is a work of art! The benefits here are actually twofold.

  • When you take your car out for a spin, you’ll actually be able to see out the windows. That means that you’ll get to enjoy each time a head turns as you drive past.
  •  Secondly, when you’re at a car show, people can get a really good look at what’s inside if your windows are clean and streak-free.

Boyd Coddington HI-DEF Glass Cleaner is a professional grade glass cleaner and is ammonia-free therefore there is no insensitive smell, and it is safe to use on all tinted windows.


The Boyd Coddington High Definition Glass Cleaner can help to ensure that you get the same amount of joy out of looking at your car’s windows as you do at your home television. It really completes the package when combined with our exterior care car window cleanerproducts that will have your car shining and our interior care products that will leave it looking (and smelling!) like new. Buy our High Definition Glass Cleaner today!

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