How to Properly Wash Your Car

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Are you someone who just wants to wash Your car by running it through the gas station car wash when it gets dirty? Or do you prefer to hose it down in the driveway? Stop what you’re doing and read this before you ever do that again!

When you wash your car in either of those manners, you are doing more harm than good. It’s important to clean your car and with the proper car cleaning products to make sure you maintain your car’s visual appearance for years to come. Follow the procedure described below for a professional wash that your car will thank you for.

For the exterior of yBoyd Coddington Shampoo to wash your carour car, start off by giving it a good rinse down with the hose. This will remove any loose dust and debris. Remember to give the wheels a good soak as they will probably be the dirtiest part of your car.

Once the car is soaked down, it’s time to whip out the car cleaning products. Use the Show-Prep Auto Shampoo as directed and start with a microfiber mitt or cloth at the roof of the car, working your way down. Always move from top to the bottom to make sure that the dirt rinses down and off the car. After everything except the windows have been thoroughly scrubbed, pull the hose back out and make sure to saturate every nook and cranny. You have to make sure all soap is gone or it can streak the finish.

The next step to a wash is making sure your car is properly dried. Leaving the car to air dry after you wash your car will allow water to leave marks on the finish. Hand drying the car will make sure it shines and retains the professional wash look.

Check back later for a blog on how to properly clean car windows and wheels with Boyd Coddington Detail Garage products!




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