Aluminator Metal Polish


Aluminator™ is our legendary signature metal polish. A concentrated cream,  Aluminator™ Metal Polish is unmatched in its ability to clean, polish, shine, deoxidize and protect. Aluminator™ is the same metal polish used on every billet steering wheel, every billet motorcycle wheel and every billet and/or forged aluminum accessory ever manufactured at Boyd Coddington Garage.

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Removes Tough Oxidation And Discoloration From:

  • – Polished Billet Aluminum
  • – Polished Cast Aluminum
  • – Stainless Steel
  • – Chrome
  • – Brass

 Returns any metal surface to a brilliant shine while applying a protective coating.


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In stock


The Legendary Signature Metal Polish

Aluminator™ Metal Polish is Strong, Long-Lasting Protection, Non-Abrasive, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable and Protects up to 12 months. If you’re looking for the finest finish and protection available for your investment, then Boyd Coddington Aluminator™ Metal Polish is for you-Guaranteed.

Easily Removes: Oxidation, Tarnish, Rust, Water Stains, Heat Discoloration, Bugs, Tar, Oil, Fingerprints, Tree Sap, Bird Droppings, Graffiti, Dyes, Scuff Marks.

Use on: All Aluminum Including Billet Aluminum, Cast Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, brushed and satin finished aluminum, Magnesium, discolored plastic taillight and headlight lenses Brass, Copper, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Silver, Nickel, Bronze, Solid Gold, Beryllium, Platinum and Pewter.

  • Keeps your metal gleaming
  • Helps to protect the surface
  • Highly economic concentrated bottle

The last metal polish you’ll ever need for your vehicle. Unlike abrasive polishes that tend to eat away at surfaces and open your vehicle up to corrosion, Aluminator actually helps to protect your metal surfaces. Works on fenders, billet steering wheels and even engine blocks if you want to show the world your pride and joy.

This is a must-have for anyone serious about detailing their vehicles – and yes, it works just as well on motorcycles!

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Why Boyd Coddington Aluminator™ Metal Polish?

  • – Restores original finish to aluminum wheels.metal polish
  • – Restores original finish to chrome wheels
  • – Restores shine and removes blueing from chrome exhaust pipes.
  • – Removes rust and discoloration
  • – Brings finish back to original quality on valve covers.
  • – Returns original luster to engine heads
  • – Removes brake dust from wheels and restores shine
  • – Removes stains, oxidation, discoloration and hard water spots
  • – Polish out white water stains and seal in the shine

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