Signature Series Carnauba Car Wax

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Draw the crowds don’t follow them with Boyd Coddington Signature Series Carnauba Car Wax.

Introducing The New Signature Series Carnauba Car Wax By Boyd Coddington For Premium Show Car Shine Every Time! Stop wasting money on polishing products that promise amazing results but have no actual effects. Keep your vehicle looking newer and shinier for longer by applying our professional paste wax.

Learn Why This Is The Best Car Care Product Available On The Market:

– Repels water, dirt, dust and oil and protects the beauty of your car’s body from smudges and fingerprints!

– Our paste wax can extend your paints protection from 6-12 months and leave no white residue after use!

– It effectively blocks moisture, bird droppings and UV radiation ensuring a high-quality diamond shine from start to finish!

You can easily apply our top rated product with a wax buffer for ultimate car detailing results, or with a piece of cloth using just your hands. This Brazilian Carnauba car wax is suitable for all car paints and colors and will work wonders for you, too. Stand out from the crowd and drive your lustrous car with confidence and pride! Don’t Lose Any More Time, Click Add To Cart Now, Before Our Limited Items Are Sold-Out!



In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


 Hand Blended Signature Series Ivory Carnauba Car Wax

If we talk about our Signature Series Carnauba Car Wax, the quality is unmatched and features hand blended pure raw ingredients and a perfect combination of natural oils and Brazilian White Carnauba.

The Boyd Coddington Companies have persistently remained the leaders in their industry due to their innovative approach and dedication to stay at the forefront.

What’s so special about this Carnauba Car Wax? While dealing with the professional detailers, we realized that it’s crucial for our product to be produced from only the best ingredients the earth has to offer. The key ingredient used in this wax is the Ivory Brazilian Carnauba. We have our secret formula that makes this product best in the market with more carnauba content. We have used a highly unique and a revolutionary proprietary filtering procedure along with a perfect blend of super polymers and exotic oils collected from different parts of the world. Depending upon the climatic condition and how you use it on your vehicle, you can expect a protection of 6-12 months. Boyd Coddington Signature Series Carnauba Car Wax is a 100% “Made in USA” product, and has been produced in limited quantity to ensure best quality.

Boyd Coddington’s Carnauba Car Wax Contains Only Premium Ingredients. Waxing is the key to a perfect shine, and when it comes to Boyd Coddington Signature Series Carnauba Car Wax, we use a hand-crafted emulsion of the world’s finest white carnauba wax super polymers, a proprietary filtering system and proprietary ingredients to ensure an optimum shine. If we talk about pure carnauba wax, it has zero synthetic compounds and doesn’t have any cleaning property. However, it has a formulation of beeswax, natural oils and waxes, and involves use of highly refined petroleum distillate. Apart from giving best protection, the Boyd Coddington Signature Series Carnauba Car Wax has been specially created to ensure a perfect finish that details the depth of paint and its warmth. Combined with our pioneering polymers, white carnauba wax takes on a gloss, depth, and dimension unmatched by other synthetic waxes. As the Boyd Coddington Signature Series Carnauba Car Wax is applied to your vehicle it forms a blockade against moisture, airborne pollutants, bird droppings, insects, and UV radiation. The super polymers reinforce the carnauba’s natural defense and promote maximum adhering to your paint.

In fact, before the production of this product, we gave car care enthusiasts and detailing professionals some samples of our refined & formulated waxes to find out which sample they think is the best. It’s because of their valuable feedback that we were able to create Boyd Coddington Signature Series Carnauba Car Wax that was specially created for wax enthusiasts. It is a perfect product for those who want stunning color of depth show car shine. 

The Difference

  • Hand blended
  • Raw ingredients and a perfect combination of 100% White Brazilian Carnauba, super polymers and the finest blend of natural oils and other proprietary ingredients
  • Unique proprietary filtering procedure ensures refined Carnauba Car Wax of optimum quality 
  • Guaranteed to leave no white residue and to be the easiest paste wax to apply and remove on the market today
  • Extended protection for your vehicles paint of 6-12 months
  • Repels water, dirt, dust, oil, and resists smudges and fingerprints
  • Incredible rich deep shine and visual fluidity
  • Used by the most recognized detailers on the finest built hot rods, concept cars and luxury cars on earth

Boyd Coddington Carnauba Car Wax

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