Vintage Leather Conditioner

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Boyds Vintage Leather Conditioner is a lavish lotion for your leather surfaces that penetrates deep into the leather to condition leather of all ages and is safe for all leather.

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In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


Boyds Vintage Leather Condleather conditioneritioner is a lavish lotion for your leather surfaces that penetrates deep into the leather to condition leather of all ages. Use Boyd’s Leather Conditioner™ to leave behind a silky smooth, dry-to-the-touch feel while also restoring the fresh, natural leather smell. Boyd’s Leather Conditioner™ preserves and protects leather from drying, cracking and brittleness that occurs naturally with age. Boyd’s Leather Conditioner™ replaces essential nutrients to leather that are depleted by regular wear and tear and from UV solar rays. Boyd’s Leather Conditioner™ is safe to use on Boyd Coddington safe for all leatherall leather surfaces to nourish and keep the surface moisturized, thereby reducing the chance of brittle, dry and cracking leather. Boyd’s Leather Conditioner™ is widely regarded as the ultimate leather conditioner and is used by professional detailers, car collectors, classic car enthusiasts and owners of modern cars.

Key Features

• Conditions and restores leather surfaces
• Great for seats, door panels and dashboards
• Preserves the leather’s strength, durability and appearance
• Formulated with Vitamin E
• Leaves no residue
• UV Protection
• Great leather smell


Find a nice cool, shaded area in which to condition your leather. Be sure leather is clean, free of all contaminants, and dry. Clean leather first with damp towel. Shake well. Place Boyd’s Pure Leather Care Conditioner onto a clean cloth or a microfiber applicator. Gently wipe down leather using a circular motion to massage into the pores. Allow the conditioner a few minutes to penetrate, then buff off excess with a clean towel. After allowing leather to dry, a quick buff with a soft microfiber towel will yield a glowing, satin finish.

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